2017-2020 HDAR Strategic Plan

High Desert Association of REALTORS®
2017-2020 Strategic Plan

The High Desert Association of REALTORS® Leadership team met on APRIL 17th, 2017 to identify and set the objectives and goals of the association for the following three years. The enclosed document identifies the key areas of focus for the association for this period.

Through the process employed in April, the association identified 5 main objectives for the organization to pursue and implement over the following years:

• Improve Member Services
• Improve Communications
• Demonstrate Community Outreach Efforts
• Engage in Advocacy Efforts
• Address Membership and Facilities

Included in this plan are the specific goals necessary to achieve underneath each objective in order to better identify if the objectives of the organization have been met within this strategic plan.

This document is to serve as a guide for the organization in order to plan for, budget, and direct staff and committees to execute these initiatives which meet the core principle and purpose of the High Desert Association of REALTORS®.